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GM LS Stainless T4 Turbo Header “Import”

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Back for a short run; The Stainless Steel Import Log!

$299 shipped to your door!

We’re known for our heavy duty, USA made turbo LS headers. However, we understand the need for budget friendly options for those who want to go fast as cheaply as possible.

The import log is made in China to our specs and will be available on an “as is” basis. These are generally nice, but you should expect minor imperfections such as slightly warped flanges and “poor” transitions between primaries and log body (see photos). We’re probably over over exaggerating a bit, but we just want to make it clear that these can and will have slight defects and that is considered normal

Please do not purchase If you are not comfortable with the possibility of putting in some effort to make them meet your standards

If you are picky or looking for higher quality products, then you will want to purchase one of our hand fabricated, or stainless steel cast headers.

That being said, we’ve sold 150 of these in the past with great feedback and we assume these will be no different.

1/2” thick flanges

16 gauge stainless steel tubing

Tig welded construction

2.5 interlocking vband assembly